Our Story

If you love technology as much as we do, you probably also kind of hate it too. Right? For all the power, the efficiency, the amazement that technology resources afford us, often computer hardware and software can be devilishly tricky to managae and maintain. BaseChord was born from the painful process of reinstalling a complete operating system. The traditional way of wiping a hard drive and reinstalling the operating system is a boring and time consuming process, requiring an illogically high skillset. Imagine needing to do it several times a week … at each location … at a lot of locations? Our first customer needed a tool that would easily, simply, and cheaply “bare metal” a computer – that is, completely wipe the hard drive, erasing all traces of the previous user – and then reinstall a fully licensed operating system, making the device ready to be reissued to the next user. It needed to be accessible at each branch location and usable by an entry-level employee. Importantly, they needed an audit trail of this “refresh” process to prove their compliance with user privacy concerns.
So, we built it.

BaseChord Refresh is used more than 10,000 times every month.

BaseChord software is now installed in thousands of locations, delivering more than 10,000 refreshes every month. The company is a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and a Microsoft Partner. In addition to Windows devices, BaseChord Refresh works with Apple OSX, Google Android, Microsoft XBOX and Sony PlayStation devices, providing a complete compliance audit trail of the refresh process. In every case, the device remains fully licensed. We continue to improve and develop the Refresh product, now offering the pre-installation of “first run” applications – applications like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, other commercial software, and even clients’ own custom software applications. BaseChord kiosks can be handle 10s, 100s, even 1000s of devices at a time, saving immense amounts of time in refreshing your computer fleet, whether your devices are returning to service or destined for the surplus pile. Throughout, we have stuck to our mission statement: easy to use, simple to understand, and just plain affordable.

Our Team


Stephen Loosli


Stephen loves technology, data, and learning. He’s the big picture guy at BaseChord, pulling us into the future.


Herbert Uhl

Chairman, Co-Founder

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Alexey Klimenko

CTO, Co-Founder

Alexey is passionate about products that save time and eliminate waste. He brings together technology and entrepreneurial skills to make it happen.


Larry Olsen

Development Lead

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Our Core Values

Deliver 11 on a 10 scale

Always Learning

Be a Team


We’re Honest

Work Hard, Play Hard