BaseChord Announces Renovated Website


It has taken a spell, but it is getting there!

Salt Lake City, UTMarch 23, 2016

After weeks of hair pulling, the site is starting to come together. Work continues.


BaseChord provides an elegant, affordable solution to businesses, government and educators that need to thoroughly and reliably “refresh” a computing device. Refreshing computing devices is typically done when one user stops using the device and it needs to be prepared for another user.

BaseChord solves many problems with its software-as-a-service solution, delivering a one button tool that even entry-level employees at remote sites can efficiently, reliably use to refresh devices, receiving evidentiary documentation after each refresh.

BaseChord customers are business, government, and educational enterprises in need of a simple-to-use, affordable process to REFRESH a returned computing device that:
1. Guarantees that all personal information of the previous user has been destroyed;
2. Returns the device to a “blank” shell state;
3. Installs a clean image of the appropriate operating system with all updates and patches;
4. Installs basic applications, optional freeware and trialware for the benefit of the prospective new user; and
5. Leaves the device in a ready-to-be-distributed state (or optionally, subject-to-disposal).