RE: Re-Issue, Re-Distribute, Re-Purpose, RE-FRESH

Whether you are a school, government, or business, you’ve probably got a lot of computers. From time to time, you probably need to give a computer to a new user. In schools, that happens at the end of every school year. In government and business, that happens with employee turnover. And no matter who you are, devices reach the end of useful life. What to do? REFRESH your devices with BaseChord!

Perfect for Retail, Business, Education or Government

BaseChord, As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3 !

It probably isn’t difficult to imagine the miserable traditional process multiplied by dozens, hundreds or thousands of devices. Frankly, re-imaging isn’t enough. To comply with legal requirements and good practice, a documented disk wipe is essential. The process of erasing a computer – taking it to “bare metal” and back – can be time-consuming and tedious. In use at more than 2000 locations, BaseChord takes care of everything for you: automated, unattended, and fully documented.

1: Connect

BaseChord can connect to devices in two ways: PXE compatible network interface or USB boot drive. The easiest is to just plug in a network cable, but a BaseChord on-the-fly USB boot drive is just as fast.

2: Refresh

The BaseChord Refresh kiosk is plain simple to use. Verify the device and hit “Start.” That’s it! BaseChord will take care of everything from there, wiping the hard drive, reinstalling the OS and key applications.

3: Ready!

When the Refresh process is complete, which can take several hours depending on the drive size, the device is ready for first use by a new user. BaseChord will have documented the refresh results for compliance.

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Refresh in Any Environment


BaseChord automatically refreshes devices running Windows, OSX, Android, and XBOX. Additional OS environments in development.

Pre-Install First Run Software

MS Office 365
Google Classroom
Adobe Acrobat
Pearson Education

Ready to use immediately, BaseChord can install any device software or desktop icon for first use by a new device user.

Automatic, Unattended, Reliable

Admit it. The process of reinstalling an operating system on a computer can be miserable. What if it wasn’t? What if you could connect your computer to the network, identify it on a refresh server, and hit “Start?” BaseChord is that tool. Once you hit Start, the process is automatic – preparing the computer for its next assignment. Unattended and reliable, no more lost time or frustration!

BaseChord Refresh is !

Prove It? Every Refresh Documented

  • Connector.

    Personal Information & User Privacy

    Personal information (PI) and personally identifiable information (PII) have become critical security and risk concerns for organizations of all types.

  • Connector.

    Disk Media Wipe

    Whether used by consumer, employee, or student, PI and PII must be reliably destroyed. BaseChord’s automatic disk wipe does the job.

  • Connector.

    Risk Management Reporting

    BaseChord provides a documented audit trail of PI and PII destruction, protecting your organization.

SCENARIO: End of School Year


They’re Back!

It’s early June and thousands of returned laptops sit piled in the school libraries of the district. Who knows what’s on those hard drives? Every one needs to be refreshed for reissue by Back-to-School in September.


  • There’s a lot of devices!
  • Personal information all over the place
  • Who has manpower or budget?

Just Plug Them In

With just one BaseChord Refesh kiosk and a couple of network hubs/switches, you can simultaneously refresh your devices in multiples – 10s, 100s, even 1000s. The kiosk’s laptop format allows you to easily go to the devices.


  • Network PXE Boot
  • USB Boot
  • Portable


Hit ‘Start’

Identify each device by model or serial number, then hit “Start.” That’s it! So easy, even your most entry-level staff can do it. BaseChord takes over from there, automatically wiping the drive, reinstalling a fully licensed OS, and installing all of your first run software.


  • Super easy to use
  • Automatic disk wipe
  • Retains OS licensure
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BaseChord is Portable.

Spending time and energy getting devices back to Central IT, just to have to send them back out to the field? Prepare devices for their next assignment right where they live! BaseChord Refresh can be installed on laptops and tablets, taking the Refresh toolset to the devices. With a few moments of instruction, even entry-level employees can use BaseChord Refresh kiosks at each filed location.

BaseChord Refresh installed on an HP touch-enabled laptop.

Connect the kiosk to a network switch, then devices.

Identify the device, then hit “Start”

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